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About the restaurant

Nasza historia


... of course with a Carp. But not from the one floating in the pond, but the stone one, decorated with golden polychrome, decorating the facade of the tenement house. Once, instead of numbers, tenements had their own emblems, most often in the form of animals carved in stone. In this historic building No. 10, on the Krakow Main Market Square, we opened a restaurant. When the moment came to name the restaurant, the choice became obvious: `` Under the Golden Carp ''. This is our tribute to the history of this place. An expression of our sense of relationship with the tradition and local culture of Krakow and Lesser Poland. From the golden carp on the facade of the tenement house it was not far to the regional delicacy of this region, which is Carp Zatorski.

Local products

are the basis of our menu

Regional products

Sometimes you don’t have to look far away. The treasures lie next to you. This was also the case with the restaurant idea. We decided to use the rich culinary tradition of the region and use regional products. Meat and vegetables from reliable suppliers, which we often know personally, are a guarantee of good cuisine.

Zator Carp

The Zator carp is the most popular carp variety in Poland. It is called “royal” because the history of the carp from the Zator commune dates back to the 11th century. Registered in Brussels as a regional product. It is bred in the Carp Valley, near Krakow.

Carp Valley

The area of ​​the historic basin of carp farming in the Oświęcim-Zator Land already known in the Middle Ages. It has unique natural and landscape values. Special protection for the environment.

Beer from the Benedictine Abbey

From the Abbey in Tyniec, near Krakow. A unique recipe containing three noble grades of hops.

Polish wine

The wines come from the Saint Vincent vineyard from the Lubusz region. The varieties you can try in our restaurant are Pinot Gris and Regent.